Rolling stock finance

Planning a project in regional, intercity or freight transport? Looking for an experienced partner to help you put together complex financing structures in the rolling stock sector? We love the rail, just as you do. Trust one of Germany’s top financiers of rolling stock that is specialised in Europe for your projects.

Your challenge

Why is financing for rolling stock so unique? What are the challenges posed by new rail transport companies entering the market? How can the level of railway electrification be boosted and more traffic shifted to rail in line with the Climate Protection Plan 2050? And where can you find just the right financing solutions for your capital-intensive rolling stock business? How do you reconcile your investment in long-lived assets with the fact that debt providers are focusing increasingly on shorter-term financing? How are you going to tackle lengthy, complex tender processes?

You have questions? We know the challenges of rolling stock finance and we can help you realise your projects, with environmentally friendly and promising propulsion technologies at the forefront. If you’re planning a project in regional, intercity or freight transport or need advice on liquidity-matched financing structures, our team of specialists is your strong, experienced partner.

“Rail is the sustainable mode of transport of the future for people and goods.”

Vera Syhre, Asset Finance

Our solutions

  • Financing for everything that runs on rail and drives the mobility of tomorrow – multiple-unit trains, locomotive-hauled passenger coaches, commuter trains, locomotives, wagons and more
  • Infrastructure financing, such as for workshops or for financing (electric) buses
  • Fostering propulsion technologies that are environmentally friendly and promising
  • Construction period and long-term financing with terms of 20 years and more, with leasing solutions where required
  • Financing in various forms – direct loans (e.g. green loans), debt purchases (e.g. green debt purchases), off-balance sheet structures (with open residual values), registered bonds
  • A strong ESG advisory team that will guide you through the structuring of ESG-compliant transactions like green loans

What you get

  • Made-for-you financing solutions that are geared towards the rolling stock asset class
  • Professional and swift implementation that translates into huge efficiency potential
  • Our in-depth expertise and many years of experience in financing large-scale rolling stock projects

Our experience – BayernLB has been active in the railway market since the 1990s

We have been active in the rail market since its deregulation in the 1990s and are one of the leading financiers of rolling stock. Our team has an extensive network, vast sector and product expertise and an excellent reputation. Take advantage of our wide range of services and talk to our experienced team of over 20 financing experts about your rolling stock financing.

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