Green bonds and Schuldscheins

How are you getting your business geared up for forward-looking investments? Profit from our international know-how in the entire issuing process for green bonds, green Schuldscheins and ESG-linked Schuldscheins and in other sustainable capital market financing. Our highly experienced team will see you through your ESG issuings – for more sustainability at your company at the financing level as well.

Your challenge

What sustainable financial products are out there? How can sustainable financial solutions help enhance your reputation on the market? What are ESG-linked products? What should you do and not do when it comes to green bonds? What are the latest trends in sustainable instruments?

You have questions? We have yearslong expertise. And we’re here to advise and assist you with the financing of your sustainable projects. You, too, can benefit from the trend toward sustainable debt issuance. This is because the issuers who qualify their financing as a sustainable capital investment are becoming increasingly diverse – as can also be seen in the international capital markets.

Aside from green bonds and green Schuldscheins, whose proceeds are earmarked for sustainable projects, the ESG-linked products segment is also becoming increasingly popular among issuers. A growing number of institutional investors are adding sustainability to their risk-return approach to investing. In addition, social and environmental issues as well as sustainable corporate governance play a significant role in ratings.

“We work in partnership with our customers to help them put together the best sustainable finance solution for them.”

Sebastian Sbrizzai, Debt Capital Markets

Our solutions

  • International expertise throughout the entire issuing process for green bonds, green Schuldscheins and ESG-linked Schuldscheins
  • Help with choosing and commissioning independent sustainability rating agencies
  • Assistance in selecting both highly principled and ambitious key sustainability performance indicators and targets
  • Finding the right product for you
Green financing ESG-linked financing
Use of funds The funds raised are earmarked and can be used, for example, for environmental and climate protection or for socially sustainable projects. The funds may be used for general corporate purposes.
Rating requirement A second opinion from a specialist independent rating agency is mandatory. The financing and its interest margin are linked to the ESG rating, issued by an independent sustainability rating agency, or to the key sustainability performance indicators.

What you get

  • New investor groups
  • Underpinning of your company’s ESG orientation – also at the financing level
  • An enhanced market reputation
  • Pricing benefits, according to initial analyses and observations

Our experience – BayernLB is a pioneer in sustainable capital market financing

Leading rating agencies confirm that BayernLB's commitment to sustainable development is well ahead of the industry curve. And we are among the pioneers in sustainable capital market financing.

BayernLB issues the world's first green corporate Schuldschein for Nordex

BayernLB helps BayernLabo to issue Europe's first social bond for housing subsidy programmes

BayernLB arranges the world's first blue social bond for the Group subsidiary DKB, as joint lead manager

BayernLB arranges for Porsche AG the largest-ever green Schuldschein – EUR 1 bn – as joint lead arranger

Use this sustainability expertise to your advantage. Talk to us.

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