ESG consulting

Looking for solid ESG advice from a partner you can trust – a partner who itself has been operating sustainably for over 25 years? We’ll see you through every aspect of your innovation and transformation processes. Even if you’re just getting started with making sustainability a reality in your company.

Your challenge

How can you promote sustainability and ESG at your company? What should your transformation process look like and how can you drive innovation? Where can you get the right financing for your strategy? How can you walk your company through the next steps towards realising your ESG-based business model? And how can you leverage your sustainability strategy and ever-increasing transparency to achieve more business success?

You have questions? We’ll be there for you at every turn to help you seize the opportunities that lie in the transition. With BayernLB you’ll have a strong, experienced partner at your side that will guide you responsibly through your company’s ESG transformation – whether you’re just starting out or are already well underway. We’ll work through all the challenges of going sustainable systematically and effectively. Talk to us.

“We are your coach and empowering partner for a sustainable future.”

Wolfgang Wagner, Corporate Finance & Sustainable Finance

Our solutions

  • Pinpointing the pertinent regulations and how they apply to your business
  • Sector and peer analyses
  • Climate risk analyses of your business model
  • ESG rating advisory services
  • Help in establishing frameworks for green and social bonds and loans
  • Tailored ESG-financing advice and ESG structuring that includes determining the right KPIs
  • Documentation of ESG products in accordance with market standards
  • Cooperation with partners for highly specialised services like carbon footprint measurement
  • Subsidised loans advisory services
  • First-rate analyses from our economists on sustainability and other megatrends

What you get

  • A strong partner with over 25 years of experience in sustainability
  • Information that is up to date – so you can stay on top of the market
  • Innovative sustainable financial products to match your ESG transformation

Our experience – your sustainable success

We are your coach and empowering partner. And we’re here to answer all your questions about ESG and sustainability. How do I get started? What do I have to make sure to do or not do? How will ESG affect my banks’ willingness to provide financing, and how will it affect my ratings?

We’ll help you make sense of the regulatory requirements. Even if you’re just looking to benchmark with other companies or to measure your company’s carbon footprint – you stand to profit from our yearslong experience. And we’ll top off your sustainability strategy with valuable and inspiring ideas from the banking side.

ESG is the future of your business – and of ours. Which is why BayernLB is also becoming more and more sustainable. We’re on track to boost the share of sustainable financings in our credit portfolio, loan by loan. So since we’re going the same way, we’d love to have you on board!

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