CO2 certificates

Need help with emissions trading? We’re here for you – with our comprehensive market know-how in CO2 certificates trading. We’ll also help you implement your hedging strategy with customised products and structured financing solutions.

Your challenge

Why is emissions trading an especially important part of the climate policy toolbox? How can CO2 certificates trading benefit you and not just energy-intensive power plant and aviation companies?

You have questions? Our customers have been benefiting from our extensive market know-how in CO2 certificates trading ever since EU emissions trading was first introduced in the mid-2000s. Talk to us.

Our solutions

  • Made-to-order products that help businesses meet the challenges of transforming their carbon footprint
  • Vast market know-how to guide customers through the terrain of CO2 certificates trading
  • Products and structured financing solutions designed for your specific climate strategy

What you get

  • The benefits that come with CO2 certificates, which are a key instrument in decarbonising business models
  • Active management of the CO2 price risks
  • A solid knowledge of the market – an excellent basis for innovating your way to climate neutrality

Our experience – your success with CO2 certificates trading

We’ve been seeing our customers through their CO2 certificates trading since the EU emissions market was first launched. Which is how we’ve gained the market savvy and experience that our specialists are happy to put to use for you.

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