Custody service

Use our specialised custody services

Custody for retail funds and special funds: with us you are choosing a reliable partner able to provide a full range of services. Customised and fully committed!

Proprietary systems for fund accounting and investment limit monitoring

We meet BaFin’s requirements for model 2 custodians. And we have also already implemented all the requirements in the Capital Investment Code. So you don't have to worry about liability risk.

The benefits for you

  • You have an experienced contact person who will deal with your issues quickly and individually
  • You have access to comprehensive and flexible service
  • You save money thanks to our highly automation processes and fair and transparent conditions

Our services for you

  • Management of special funds
  • Exercise of supervisory control function
  • Global processing of fund transactions
  • Issue and redemption of unit certificates
  • Unit price calculation
  • Dividend distributions
  • Monitoring of legal and contractual investment limits
  • All transactions extensively reviewed to ensure they are in line with the market
  • International network of depositaries in all core markets
  • Monitoring of foreign depositaries

Additional applications and services

  • Withholding tax service: Information and forms provided: standard service for advance exemption, reduction and reclaim of withholding tax
  • Low risk thanks to comprehensive default guarantee
  • AGM service: Request and send out AGM documents for German companies; prepare admission tickets as instructed by the customer and send them out in Germany and abroad
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Peter Hanraths
Phone.: +49 89 2171 22581
Fax: +49 89 2171 622581

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Johann Maurer
Phone.: +49 89 2171 28255
Fax: +49 89 2171 628255