Capital investments

Solutions for structured products

Trust us for challenging questions of structuring

Are you facing complex questions of portfolio management or ALM? Or developing financial products for your customers? Whether it be price finding, risk management, structuring or securitisation: our specialists will help you find the optimal solution to your needs

The benefits for you

  • Have a specialised partner by your side when dealing with challenging issues
  • Have access to a full range of solution-oriented, innovative product ideas and services

Our services for you

  • We provide mathematical solutions for specific requirements, such as detailed portfolio analyses and risk scenarios
  • We have the ability to price and manage the risks of complex derivatives and highly structured products in various asset classes
  • We develop customised and innovative investment products and offer access to conventional and alternative sources of yield
  • We carry out securitisations in various formats to meet customer requests, e.g. swaps, notes, Schuldschein notes and funds
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Andreas Vambrie
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