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Protect payments and contractual obligations in international business: Access our experience in structuring guarantees at every stage in your international business.

Make international transactions possible with bank guarantees

How can guarantees protect you against payment and contractual risks? What guarantee clauses should you include in your agreements? Our experts will help you find the right answers.

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  • You are talking to experienced specialists and can use our checked and proven templates.
  • Minimising risks, issuing and processing guarantees: specialist assistance in all key aspects
  • Comprehensive protection. You can rely on the strength of a large bank with international experience.
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Direct guarantees

The obligor's bank issues this directly to the beneficiary.

Indirect guarantee

This involves a second, intermediate bank. For example, where the beneficiary wants additional protection: either due to doubts as to the creditworthiness of the banks in the customer's country. Or to rule out country risk. Such indirect guarantees are often required by law in the beneficiary's country.