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Sector Technology, IT & Telecom participates in five groundbreaking transactions with EUR 390 million.

With a total of EUR 390 million in loan participations, BayernLB is driving forward the supply of modern fibre-optic technology to German, French and Italian households. Having proved its market mettle in 2022, the Bank’s Technologies, IT & Telecom Sector is now party to five landmark transactions.

  • By 2028, some 7 million households in France will have FTTH (fibre to the home) technology thanks to a financing for IFT, an FTTH company founded by Iliad and InfraVia Capital Partners, and to a transaction concluded for French FTTH operator TDF Fibre. Households in rural areas stand to benefit the most. Around EUR 3 billion in credit has been granted for these projects.
  • In Italy, an international banking syndicate has extended a EUR 7.2 billion loan to OpenFiber, which is using the funds to provide 23 million households with a modern fibre-optic connection by 2028.
  • Over in Germany, more than 5 million households – mostly in rural areas and small towns – will profit from multi-billion-euro investments being used by Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiary GlasfaserPlus and, in a separate transaction, by another established telecommunications company in the country, to implement their respective projects for the expansion of a fast telecommunications network.

This makes BayernLB not only a strong partner to leading companies in this future-oriented sector but also a facilitator of technological progress, with investment financing and strategies for innovative infrastructure projects.