Keeping pace with progress. On track towards a sustainable future.

Keeping pace with progress. On track towards a sustainable future.

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New Siemens Desiro trains for Bavaria & Thuringia

Together with our longtime financing partner LHI Group, acting as lessor, and the Free State of Bavaria, as guarantor, BayernLB is financing the procurement of 26 new Siemens Mobility trains for DB Regio AG.

The Desiro High Capacity trains marry sustainability with efficiency. This is because they are not only low-emission, quiet and energy-efficient thanks to their lightweight construction, but they’re also painstakingly engineered – from their overall aerodynamic design right down to the last bolt. This translates into meaningful savings in operating costs with gains in sustainability throughout their lifecycle.

The rail systems of Bavaria and its northern neighbouring state Thuringia are poised to benefit from the transaction in a number of ways:

The trains combine comfort with modern mobility while also defying the dilemma of limited platform lengths accommodating a growing number of passengers. Barrier-free boarding, electrical sockets and on-board WiFi await passengers, who will also get a taste of the mobility of tomorrow with an innovative, expandable service announcement system that gives each rider the information they’re looking for, topped off with real-time images of all upcoming connections.

What’s more, timetable gaps will be closed, with some trains even running more frequently. This is because from the end of 2023 onwards, the network stretching from Franconia to southern Thuringia will be sustaining up to 5.7 million kilometres of travel per year – a 19 percent, or 0.8 million-kilometre, increase in annual operation in the Bavarian segment of the network alone. The Bavarian rail company Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft laid the groundwork for meeting this increasing demand through a tender offer, announced throughout Europe, which our customer DB Regio won in April 2020.

The following segments will be graced by 18 four-car and 8 additional six-car Desiro HC trains, boasting 380 seats and 104 metres in length and 634 seats along 157 metres, respectively:

  • Nuremberg – Bamberg – Coburg – Sonneberg
  • Lichtenfels – Saalfeld
  • Bamberg – Wurzburg
  • Coburg – Erfurt

“We’re excited about putting another structured financing transaction to good use in the rolling stock segment with BayernLB as this lets us contribute actively towards a more modern and environment-friendly means of transport”, said Stefan Wildgruber, who heads the Structured Finance division of LHI Group.

Dr Christoph Pasternak, sector manager at BayernLB’s “Rail” division, is proud: “This already marks our second transaction with Siemens Mobility for DB Regio. It is truly our pleasure to help realise this regional transit project with our rolling stock expertise. It’s another step towards our goals in sustainable mobility solutions.