Climate-friendly freight transport

Climate-friendly freight transport

BayernLB finances CargoBeamer wagons for combined road-rail transport

BayernLB is providing major support for the Leipzig-based rail technology company CargoBeamer to purchase 216 wagons from rail vehicle specialist On Rail – with the option to expand the order to 432 wagons.

The CargoBeamer Group is a logistics service provider in combined rail-road transport. With the company's own technology consisting of rail wagons, transshipment terminals and logistics software, standard truck semitrailers of all types can travel by rail, without additional conversions and reinforcements on the semitrailers, without driver and tractor unit, without restrictions on Sundays and public holidays and with 4 tonnes more payload per trip. A first route from Kaldenkirchen on the German/Dutch border through Switzerland to northern Italy has been in operation with two daily trains since 2015 and runs at full capacity. More than 70,000 semi-trailers have already been transported in over 2000 trains in an environmentally friendly way by rail.

In addition to the syndicated loan, in which BayernLB is acting as Mandated Lead Arranger, the new wagons are being purchased with the aid of a capital increase that has already taken place. With this order, CargoBeamer is laying the foundation for the expansion of its European route network. The wagons are due for delivery from spring 2021 and will allow the company to increase its transport services for semitrailers of all types to up to 72 block trains per week in combined road-rail transport on several trans-European routes.

“This is another step towards the strategic expansion and growth of CargoBeamer,” commented Markus E. Fischer, CFO of CargoBeamer AG. “Strengthening our market position gives CargoBeamer the freedom to pursue its guiding principles of environmental protection, easing the burden on Europe’s roads and sustainably reducing CO2 emissions.”

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