Zamość – Renewable energy for the Polish grid

For its long-standing customer ib vogt BayernLB finances a solar PV power generation in Poland. The solar project with 135 MWp marks a significant investment in Poland’s renewable energy sector with a total commitment of USD 90,4 million. The project is currently under construction. Its commercial operation (first section) is expected for September 2022; the full project is planned to be operational by the beginning of 2023.

The power plant is located near the communities of Zamość and Szczebrzeszyn in the Lublin voivodeship in the southeast of Poland. The project covers an area of c. 154 ha of land and will consist of more than 250,000 solar panels. With an output of up to 150 GWh per year, the panels will produce clean solar electricity equivalent to the average consumption of 70,000 households, saving up to 100,000 tons of CO2 per year.

"This project marks a significant milestone for ib vogt and our activities in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the effort and experience of BayernLBs sector team, we will bring renewable energy to the grid and drive decarbonisation of energy production," said Anton Milner, CEO of ib vogt GmbH.

ib vogt is firmly committed to supporting the decarbonization of the global electricity sector. The company focuses on the global development of turnkey PV plants, the expansion of its IPP portfolio and the intensified development of battery storage projects. Headquartered in Berlin, ib vogt has established various offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and Africa as part of its presence in over 40 countries. ib vogt has built or has in construction more than 2,5 GW of PV power plants globally with a project pipeline of more than 40 GW.