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BayernLB finances a hydroelectric power portfolio in Italy for Renfin

BayernLB has financed a highly diversified hydroelectric power portfolio in Italy for Renfin International a/s, the investment branch of the Hydropol Group.

The transaction comprises the operation and maintenance of seven micro hydroelectric power plants in northern Italy with a total output of 1,944 kW. All the plants are operational and will be subject to the Italian feed-in tariff system for a period of 20 years, following which a guaranteed minimum price will apply.

The Hydropol Group ( was founded in 1998. The company focuses on turnkey delivery of hydropower plants and the operation of hydropower plants ranging from 100 kW to 50 MW, along with the associated hydraulic structures such as dams, weirs and penstocks, throughout the world. Hydropol specialises in planning, designing, building and operating small and medium hydropower plants and currently operates more than 30 hydropower plants in various countries in and outside Europe for a range of customers. The long-term average annual revenue of the Hydropol Group is around EUR 18 million. The company’s success story includes over 50 hydropower plant projects across Europe and it is responsible for operation and maintenance of all seven plants in this portfolio.

Renfin International a/s ( is the investment arm of the Hydropol Group. It specialises in purchasing, developing and investing in small and medium-sized hydropower plants. Renfin has a portfolio of more than 30 operational hydropower plants; dozens more are under construction or development, for example in the UK, the Czech Republic, Italy, Indonesia and Romania.

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