Sustainable capital market financing

Sustainable capital market financing

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Sustainability is in – and the market for sustainable bonds is growing. Issuers are becoming increasingly more diverse while the investor base keeps expanding. 2018 saw an issuance volume of EUR 226.1 billion for green bonds, social bonds, SDG bonds and their sustainable cousins, such as blue bonds. Of this sum, new green bond issues alone accounted for EUR 167.3 billion. For 2019, BayernLB anticipates a new green bond issue volume of EUR 175 - 185 billion.

Count on our international expertise when it comes to advising and arranging financing for your next sustainability project.


  • You gain access to new investors thereby diversifying and expanding your treasury operations.
  • You shift your company’s strategy toward greater sustainability.
  • You boost your image in the market
  • Sustainable bonds are no different than traditional capital market financing instruments in terms of risks and liabilities.


  • Proceeds from the bonds must be used for sustainable projects such as environmental and climate protection or social impact measures.
  • A second opinion from a specialist independent rating agency is mandatory.

What we offer

  • International expertise for the whole issuing process for sustainable bonds, green bonds and green Schuldschein note loans (German note loans)
  • Assistance in choosing and hiring the independent rating agency
  • Selection of the appropriate product – bonds (including senior unsecured bonds), Schuldschein note loans
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