Corporate Schuldscheine

Benefit from our excellent access to corporates

We have been a leading arranger and issuer of corporate Schuldschein notes for years

Benefit from our excellent access to corporates

The benefits for you

  • You have access to the full range of services and long experience: BayernLB has been one of the top arrangers in this market for years
  • Diversify your portfolio with corporate Schuldschein notes - inlcuding issuers outside Germany
  • Corporate Schuldschein notes are an attractive alternative to corporate bonds and traditional bank loans
  • A chance to invest in companies with strong credit ratings, e.g. from the German Mittelstand, DAX, M-DAX, etc.
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Our services for you

  • A relationship based on trust: we have a broad and loyal base of investors in Germany and abroad and close customer relationships with a range of investors
  • Top research support: issuer profiles and publications on the corporate Schuldschein market to keep you fully infored
  • Tailoring to your individual needs