Sibos 2023

BayernLB will also be on site at Sibos 2023 with a team of relationship managers and product specialists for trade finance and payment services:

September 18 - 21, 2023, Toronto, Canada.

Booth: H20

We look forward to meeting and interacting with you in person onsite.

Would you like to arrange an on-site meeting? Please contact:

Our team on site:
Financial Institutions
Roland Reichert
Division Head of Savings Banks
& Financial Institutions
Oliver Glocker Head of Financial Institutions
and Public Sector
Helene Safai
Head of Correspondent Banking
Phone: +49 89 2171-24087
Jessica Haupt Relationship Manager
Phone: +49 89 2171-25804
Andrea Henkel
Network Management
Phone: +49 89 2171-23853
Tanja Katzl Relationship Manager
Phone: +49 89 2171-22689
Thorsten Klein
Relationship Manager
Phone: +49 89 2171-23909
Stéphane Wolter Relationship Manager
Phone: +49 89 2171-26385
Payments & Accounts
Christopher Hollfelder Head of Global Payment Service
Johann Lanzinger Head of Domestic
& International Payments
Sebastian Rietz Head of Reconciliation
& Investigations
Sandra Jeschke Senior Specialist Payment Service
Trade & Export Finance
Nicole Fahlbusch Head of Documentary Business & Guarantees
Christian Matsche Head of Trade Finance
Theresa Aretz Head of IT Service Management Account and Payment