New business concept for BayernLB in US

  • New York branch focused clearly on German corporates customers
  • Strong partner for financing wind energy projects
  • German real estate customers in the US market also a target
  • German Desk offers broad range of advice and services for German customers and savings banks

New York – BayernLB has completed the realignment of its New York branch office and shifted the focus of its US operations to serving German corporates customers. Employees of BayernLB's New York office recently moved back into their premises after they had been renovated to the latest standards.

In the US, BayernLB not only serves German mid-sized (Mittelstand) and large corporate customers, but also German real estate customers. Forty of the fifty largest German companies by sales in the US are customers of BayernLB. Also among the customers that BayernLB serves in the US, Germany and Europe are large American companies with a significant connection to Germany.

“Over the past few years we have realigned the operations of our New York branch with our new business model and focused on customers with a connection to Germany. As a result, our customers benefit from the close integration of our American colleagues with our relationship managers and experts in Germany. With over 3,000 German companies present in the US and the close ties that many American companies have to Germany, we see a lot of potential for our Bank here,” said Johannes-Jörg Riegler, BayernLB CEO at the dedication of the new offices in New York.

“After reorganizing and focussing of our branch offices in London, Paris, Milan and now New York, we are well positioned to serve our customers internationally”, he added.

German Desk

The German Desk was set up by BayernLB to provide products, services and advice tailored to the needs of German customers in the US. BayernLB has assembled a broad network of associations, law firms, consultancies and agencies to assist German companies wanting to invest in the US. The German Desk’s advisory services are also designed to assist the German savings banks and their customers.

About the BayernLB New York branch office

BayernLB has been present in the US for over 30 years. Following the reorganisation, BayernLB’s New York office today has some 90 employees acting as relationship managers focused on serving corporates customers and providing German Desk services in close cooperation with the head office in Munich. Whether it be conventional lending, export/import guarantees, financing with subsidised funds or private placements, BayernLB offers all the financial instruments of a commercial bank in the US. Thanks to its full banking license, BayernLB has access to the dollar liquidity program operated by the Federal Reserve Bank, America’s central bank, thereby ensuring USD funding for all of BayernLB.