Our Successes

The bluechips of the German economy work together with us

29 of the 30 DAX-listed companies are our customers.


Long-lasting Partnerships

The average length of our business relationships with our customers is 17 years.


The number of Mittelstand customers keeps on rising

Our market share of large Mittelstand companies is 19% and we are selectively expanding this in the regions.


A major lender in the corporate banking market

We have a stable 37% share of the large corporate customer market.


One of the top 3 in the Schuldschein market

We were one of the top 3 issuers in the Schuldschein market yet again in 2016 with a total volume of EUR 10 billion.


Leading lender in the real estate market

New business amounted to EUR 6.8 billion, including renewals, in 2016.


Strong network

350 of 390 savings banks in Germany are both customers and sales partners of BayernLB.


Market leader in the precious metals trade

In 2016, we traded 598 tonnes of physical precious metals (over tonnes of gold) at our centre for foreign notes and coins and precious metals.


Among the top 3 online banks

400,000 new customers opened an account at DKB in 2016. Our DKB online bank subsidiary now has more than 3 million retail customers.


Green project financing

BayernLB has participated in EUR 3.4 billion of financing for renewable energy projects.


Sustainable issues

The BayernLB Group has participated in more than EUR 3 billion of green and sustainable issues.


Sustainable investment products

EUR 33.6 million of the DKB "future fund" meets strict sustainability criteria.