Performance Commitment

It is the trust of a large number of large and mid-sized customers that has made us one of the leading commercial banks. We are closely integrated in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. We also serve retail customers through our subsidiary Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB).

  • The elite of the German economy work with us. 29 of the 30 companies in the DAX® are our customers. Our customer relationships last an average of over 17 years. And we have more than EUR 71 billion of corporate loans on our books.
    Our performance commitment for large corporates
  • Increasing numbers of Mittelstand companies are choosing us. In the past three years we have gained over 300 new customers. They count on our exceptional structuring skill, expertise in key sectors and international support.
    Our performance commitment for the Mittelstand
  • In the real estate business we are one of the largest financers of commercial real estate: with a volume of around EUR 15 billion in Germany. But our services go well beyond just financing.
    Our performance commitment for real estate customers
  • Savings banks and the public sector have been working closely with us for decades. Round 350 savings banks in Bavaria and Germany trust us as a preferred partner. We are also one of the leading arrangers for issues of public-sector bonds.
    Our performance commitment for savings banks and the public sector
  • Many financial institutions appreciate the fact that we realise everyone's needs are different. That's why banks all over the world trust us, as do many institutional customers in Europe and other regions.
    Our performance commitment for financial institutions