Performance commitment

Our customers appreciate clear words: the performance commitment

It is the trust of a large number of large and mid-sized customers that has made us one of the leading commercial banks. We are closely integrated in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. We also serve retail customers through our subsidiary Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB).

  • The elite of the German economy work with us. 29 of the 30 companies in the DAX® are our customers. Our customer relationships last an average of over 17 years. And we have more than EUR 45 billion of corporate loans on our books.
    Our performance commitment for large corporates
  • Increasing numbers of Mittelstand companies are choosing us. In the past three years we have gained over 300 new customers. They count on our exceptional structuring skill, expertise in key sectors and international support.
    Our performance commitment for the Mittelstand
  • In the real estate business we are one of the largest financers of commercial real estate: with a volume of around EUR 15 billion in Germany. But our services go well beyond just financing.
    Our performance commitment for real estate customers
  • Savings banks and the public sector have been working closely with us for decades. Round 400 savings banks in Bavaria and Germany trust us as a preferred partner. We are also one of the leading arrangers for issues of public-sector bonds.
    Our performance commitment for savings banks and the public sector
  • Many financial institutions appreciate the fact that we realise everyone's needs are different. That's why banks all over the world trust us, as do many institutional customers in Europe and other regions.
    Our performance commitment for financial institutions


"We have deep roots in an ideal environment. Large corporates benefit from that"

"Corporate financing with the long view": this is the approach we take to working with large corporates from Germany and selected international companies with a connection to Germany. This means long-term partnerships based on an extensive understanding of markets and sectors, structuring know-how and capital markets expertise.

  • Our customers are very loyal to us: Customer relationships with BayernLB last an average of over 17 years.
  • We serve the elite of the German economy: 27 of the 30 DAX companies put their trust in us.
  • We have a strong credit portfolio: There are more than EUR 45 billion of corporate loans on our books.
  • We score in the capital market with outstanding expertise and a strong network: For years we have been one of the top three banks in the Schuldschein market and a popular partner for benchmark bonds.
  • We invest in the customer relationship: Every customer has a relationship manager and a clear contact person for each product. The members of the Board of Management are closely involved in looking after customers.
  • Our relationship managers are on the spot with their customers: We serve our customers nationally and internationally. We have a presence in the world's leading financial centres.


"We know what matters for the Mittelstand and we speak their language."

Our strengths in business include outstanding structuring skills. Customers also appreciate our holistic financial engineering solutions for balance sheet, risk and liquidity management. These are based on our extensive expertise in selected key industries and international service with a long-term perspective.

  • Increasing numbers of Mittelstand companies are trusting us: In the past three years we have gained over 300 new Mittelstand customers.
  • Our advice and service is tailored to the region and industry: Every senior relationship manager knows his customer's business model and is supported by special internal sector expertise. We put teams of specialists together to reflect customer needs - from financial advisory to individual product solutions. We also offer access to all development banks and government subsidy programmes.
  • We are quick and bureaucratic: We have flat hierarchies and people can take decisions at all levels.
  • The bank's managers are committed: Our customers can speak to top managers.

Real Estate

"Strong in all asset classes" - we work with German and international investors. Whether buying or refinancing real estate in Germany and established foreign markets

"We can do more than finance": Our real estate customers can access the full product range of a universal bank. We work closely with our specialist subsidiaries.

  • Real estate customers trust us: the average business relationship in the real estate business lasts 15 years. On average, we will write EUR 4.0 billion of new business a year in the medium term.
  • Our credit portfolio testifies to our performance: with just under EUR 17 billion of exposure, we are one of the largest and strongest financers of commercial real estate in Germany.
  • We have an high reputation: our deals enjoy high public visibility.
  • Our advice and service is tailored to the customer and industry: our relationship managers are specialists in all asset classes, countries and customer groups.
  • We have a unique real estate network: we work closely with our subsidiaries Real IS, BayernFM, BayernImmo and LB Immowert.
  • We are efficient and focused: weekly meetings with decision makers guarantees fast processing and commitments you can trust.

Savings Banks and Public Sector

We support the savings banks with expertise and innovation. We offer an extensive range of products and services to meet their needs for both proprietary and customer business.
BayernLB provides public-sector and municipal customers and publicly-owned institutions a wide range of products with tailor-made solutions for their financing and investment plans.

  • We are the partner to the savings banks: For decades we have been the preferred partner for about 400 savings banks in Bavaria and Germany.
  • Longstanding partner to the public sector: Our long customer relations and outstanding sector expertise have made us one of the leading arrangers for public-sector bond issues.
  • Our savings bank customers are extremely satisfied: This is clearly shown by the loyalty to the association seen in Bavaria. We have been receiving top marks for customer satisfaction for years.
  • Personal service at all levels: Regional directors are the main contact point in customer relationships - supported by product specialists and even the Board of Management.

Financial Institutions

Dealing with customers' individual needs: that's what our international banking partners appreciate. We devote the utmost attention to customer service, advice and product quality.

  • BayernLB's good rating: Our investors trust the good rating of BayernLB and the Free State of Bavaria, a strong and reliable owner.
  • Rapid agreement and decisions: Thanks to clear contacts, professional internal communications and networking we reach informed decisions quickly.
  • Intercultural understanding: We have been working with international investors and financial institutions for years. As a result, we have a deep understanding of other cultures.
  • Strong investor base in Germany: These include institutional investors. We also offer our customers individual access to special groups of investors in German-speaking countries, thanks to our close integration in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe.