At a glance

At a glance

BayernLB is a streamlined specialised bank based in Munich, Germany. We are a major investment lender to the economy and are one of Germany's largest financial institutions. What makes us special:

Operating earning power

In financial year 2020 BayernLB posted a consolidated profit of EUR 228 million (after taxes). Combined net interest and net commission income rose year-on-year to around EUR 2.1 billion.


Solid capital base

At the end of financial year 2020, the CET1 ratio was 15.9 percent.


Very good risk profile

BayernLB’s NPL ratio (non-performing loans) amounted to 0.6 percent as at 31 December 2020.


Focus on sustainability

Once again BayernLB was ranked among the top ten in the global ISS-ESG rating (as at March 2020).


Proven ESG expertise

At the beginning of 2021, BayernLB successfully issued its first sustainable benchmark bond of EUR 500 million. DKB and BayernLabo have also successfully placed ESG emissions on the market this year.


Attractive investment options

The Bank’s subsidiary BayernInvest, which specialises in ESG investments, achieved another milestone in 2020 - increasing its gross managed funds volume to over EUR 100 billion.


Germany's second-largest online bank

Our online banking subsidiary DKB enjoys the trust of around 4.6 million customers. (As at: year-end 2020)


Strong Finance Group

Throughout Germany, 360 savings banks (as at 31 December 2020) belong to the Association with BayernLB.


Cooperation with savings banks

In 2020, BayernLB processed some 10,000 applications for subsidies under the special coronavirus programmes, all the time working closely with the Bavarian savings banks.


Real estate business growing

BayernLB is pushing its real estate business in accordance with its strategy - and in 2020 it increased its lending volume by EUR 1.7 billion to EUR 24.0 billion (31 December 2020).


Strong partner to the economy

In its Corporates business, BayernLB’s combined net interest and net commission income rose to almost EUR 398 million in 2020, thanks to growth in margins and signing up of high-commission new business.


Successful precious metals trading

In 2020 BayernLB’s precious metals trading sold a record-breaking 842 tonnes of bars and coins.


Excellent employer

BayernLB is in second place in the Kununu ranking of the 10 largest German banks.


Dedicated team

884 employees received targeted further training in 2,649 seminar days.