Information for suppliers and service providers

Information for suppliers and service providers

BayernLB’s Purchasing Department is in charge of all procurements of goods and services. In addition to traditional services like consulting or IT, the Strategic Purchasing Team handles marketing and logistics services as well as software, maintenance and licenses and specialist/business managed services. The colleagues from the Operational Purchasing & Business Services Team oversee the operational side of procurements for cost types like databases, telecommunications or marketing material, while also offering such services as travel and fleet management and translations.

How to become a BayernLB partner (supplier or service provider)

In order to qualify as a potential new supplier or service provider, participation in a selection and onboarding process is required.


  • the signing of the obligation of secrecy and protection statement
  • the signing of the sustainability agreement

You can find the documents in the download box. Please send both countersigned documents by e-mail to us.

You are also welcome to attach a company presentation with a descriptive service portfolio to your message.

Based on the documents we will decide whether and how your company would complement our portfolio and whether the onboarding process can be initiated.